We develop various technologies for the following applications:

> Absorption of acidic gases, such as HF, HCI, SO with the use of additives containing Ca or Na

> Adsorption of PCDD/PCDF, as well as Hg and its compounds, using activated  carbon or other additives with a high specific surface area.

The adsorption/adsorption techniques we use are based on the LUEHR recirculation process with conditioning rotor.

The high recirculation ratio of the additives, in particular Ca(OH)Ç, leads to a marked improvement in the abatement efficiency of acidic gases such as HF, HCI and SO² and/or a reduction in the amount of additive used.

The LUEHR recirculation process with conditioning rotor reliably allows the recirculation of high quantities of additives, even when high quantities of difficult to handle compounds such as CaCIÇ are present.

The system allows a homogeneous distribution of the powders recirculated in the gaseous flow and does not use pneumatic conveying devices, subject to frequent malfunctions.