We manufacture “complete systems for air pollution control”
from the project concept through
to service after installation.

Flat-bag filter

The constructive features of the horizontally or vertically installed flat-bag filter elements, particularly in combination with the different - off line - cleaning systems included in our range of products offer, among other things, the following advantages...

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Flat-tube heat exchanger

Flat-tube heat exchangers - if necessary - are installated upstream of flat-bag filters to reduce the temperature of the gases to be cleaned to a temperature admissible for the filter fabric, or to adjust the optimum process temperature...

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We develop various technologies for the following applications...

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  • Additive powder injection devices
  • Chimneys
  • Fans
  • Dry hydrator for CaO
  • Gravel bed filters
  • Cyclones
  • Ducting and stacks
  • Control panels
  • Component parts for gas and particle capture
  • Sound-absorbing measures
  • Pneumatic transport devices
  • Disposal stations
  • Vacuum cleaning plants
  • Modernisation of existing filtration plants