Flat-tube heat exchangers - if necessary - are installated upstream of flat-bag filters to reduce the temperature of the gases to be cleaned to a temperature admissible for the filter fabric, or to adjust the optimum process temperature.

During development to achieve a reliable continuous operation, combined with a constant cooling of gases; even in case of high particle loads in the gas and/or a strongly adhesive character of these particles. Occasional manual cleaning proved to be unnecessary for maintaining the heat transfer.

We take additional measures, if necessary, to ensure a trouble-free continuous operation of the flat-tube heat exchanger and exceptionally long service lives of cooling tubes.

> Utilisation of a mechanically working
cooling area cleaning device in case of
presence of particles with adhesive features

> Avoidance of temperature below the dew 
point by using pre-heated cooling air (cooling
air recirculator)

> Prevention of temperatures below the acid
dew point by injection of additive powders in
the flue gas flow to be cooled upstream of the
heat exchanger